Project planning: Together with our customers we define aims. We provide our entire experience to develop a plan bespoke to your requirements. What we promise is what we deliver.

Installation: We arrange and install all components on the customer’s site. This saves additional time and costs.

Training: We offer training at our customers´ site but also at the BASSRA site without loss of time. The basic training is carried out using machines at the BASSRA’s training center.

Engineering: We find the most efficient way in order to achieve the defined aims including the ideal option of machinery for your demands. We are highly responsible in dealing with our customers´ trust and capital investment.

Maintenance and Service: BASSRA trained service experts provide support around-the-clock. They operate worldwide and guarantee customer focus for every location of production.

Online Service: Data can be accessed from any location in the world via Internet. An interlink with BASSRA additionally increases security.

Optimization: Our experienced production experts optimize processes and production for our customers. For any spare parts requirements please contact us at or fill our enquiry form.

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