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Application Table
* Stainless steel washing section
* Working direction: Left to right or Right to left
Inlet unit
* Inlet for washing and drying unit.
* Automatic drives which pushes the glass in the washer automatically.
Washing and Drying unit
* Bush rollers moves at high speed
* Capable to wash Low E Glass, Hard Coat and Clear Glass
* Inwards Brush adjustments for maximum usage.
* Glass windows in front door for better inspection
* Adjustable glass transport speed
* Hot air drying facility for better and fast drying
* Fan placed in a noise - isolated housing
* Hot water facility for better cleaning
* Stainless steel water tank fitted with float valve for controlling the water level
* Parts used Siemens, Nord, Mitsubishi, Mink, Telemecanik, Omron, Schneider

Outlet unit
* Outlet for washing and drying unit.
* Automatic drives, which pulls the glass out from the washer automatically

Assembly Rack
* This unit is there for the use of aluminum spacer bar. The first Glass comes here and the spacer frame is applied on this first piece of glass.
* Right angling unit enabling easy placement of the spacer profiles
* The foot Paddle will take the rack on backward position to allow second piece of glass to go in front of first piece of glass.
* After the alignment is done the unit goes through roller press.
Roller Press
* Capable of doing double glazed units
* Adjustable Pressing Pressure for different sizes.
Outlet Unit (Tilting Table Optional)
* Outlet Unit for Final Collection after Roller Press
* Automatic drives, which pulls the glass out from the washer automatically.


* Maximum Glass height :1700/ 2000 / 2500 mm
* Brushes: 4-6
* Processable Glass size
max. 1700x2700/2000x2700 mm/2500x2700 mm
* Maximum Speed of the washing machine: 6.5 m/min
* Speed of Roller Press Line:10 m/min
* Maximum thickness of the unit: upto 50mm
* Glass Thickness : 4-12mm
* Voltage 400V 3 NPE AC
* Frequency: 50 Hz
* Total power:19-22 kW
* Air Pressure:6 bar
* Air consumption:2 l/min
* Length:15000-15400 mm
* Width:1700 mm
* Height:2700/3000/3500mm
* Weight:2200-2800kg
* Noise emission level:80dB (A)
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