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* Robust Body with Powder Coating paint
* Pre Wash Section for cleaning the glass before it enters Washing section with a separate water tank for better Cleaning.
* Special motors with inverters for brushes and fan for Soft start hence no vibration on start.
* Motorized up and down lifting.
* All moving parts are guarded for safety reasons.
High Performance Air Blower to have effective cleaning & drying on glass surface,
SS chain transmission system.
Special features to separate brushes for preventive maintenance
Brushes suitable for Low e glass (Front Side 0.15mm bristles & Back Side 0.25mm bristles)

Loading and unloading table
* Loading table shafts are stainless steel to avoid rust.
* Loading table rollers are dipped in water for better cleaning of the glass.
* Stainless steel bearing for loading table because of water in pre washes.
* Lights on unloading table to inspect the glass.
* Unloading table has a sensor to stop the glass automatically when it reaches the end.
* Stainless Steel Rollers to avoid corrosion due to water.

Washing Section
* Brushes wash any type of Low E Glass.
* All fabrication parts inside this section are made of Stainless Steel,.
* Plastic, Rubber or stainless steel is used in this section to avoid rusting, for example, fabrication, brush shafts, brush body, pipes, bolts, and springs..
* Special Stainless Steel bearings used to avoid any rusts..
* Special seals to avoid any water leakage..
* Water tank is stainless steel and water pipes are hard Plastic/ Brass to avoid bents for better water flow..
* Water tanks are on wheels for easy cleaning..
* Special water filters for better cleaning..
* Water tank equipped with heater for hot water for better Cleaning..
* Three separate water tanks with individual water pumps attached for better cleaning and better flow of water..
* 6 Individual motors for driving 6 low e glass Brushes..
* Effective drain of water after washing, thanks to new conical shape design of trays.
* Special nylon brushes for soft low e glass.

Drying Section
* Perfect drying with new style of air knives.
* Two sets Air Knives are adjustable up, down and rotational wise.
* This section is made separate than washing section to enable to fit in container for saving freight charges.
* Fan section can be opened from for easy maintenance and can put on top of the machine or side of the machine if the roof of the factory is low.
* Special design of air knives to ensure maximum contact time of dry air with glass surface

* Max width of glass: 500mm – 3000mm (As per customers choice)
* Glass thickness: 3 – 19mm
* Min. size of glass: 400x400mm (varies if max width is small) Size of machine: 7m length, 3.4m wide
* Conveying speed: upto-10m/min.
* Voltage: 380V, 50HZ.
* Power: up to 55 KW
* Feed Direction – Right to Left OR Left to Right
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