Published in Glass Cutting Machines
  • Strong and heavy construction of the machine.
  • Special Industrial touch screen computer (option) or personal computer provided with wireless internet enabled and web camera which gives us ability to access the computer via internet from any where and solve most of the software problems via internet.
  • Data transfer via USB Key.
  • Can choose from XY (Straight Cutting) or XYC (Shape Cutting)
  • Options of Edge Deletion for Low E glass available. 
  • Variable adjustment cutting speed
  • Power full air cushion for better flotation of bigger and heavy sheets. This will reduce friction and enables easy handling of glass.
  • Brushless Motors
  • Movement transfer and measuring with gear system/rack and pinion system.
  • Tilting facility controlled by Hydraulic cylinder that gives 85o position for manual loading of the glass (Optional) 
  • The sheet support come out automatically before lifting the table surface 
  • Able to separate cut glass with pneumatic controlled breaker bars 
  • Double zero for cutting of Laminated glass 
  • Automatic lubrication of cutting wheel via special solenoid valve 
  • The electronic control of all the parameters (pressure, speed, cutting acceleration, quantity of oil on cut, head decent time, beginning of cut head pressure delta) is consequently ensured by the machine control programme. In this way there is an excellent and constant cutting quality which permits a good glass breakout. 
  • Automatic Cutting pressure adjustment when you choose glass thickness to cut. 
  • Standard Cutting Wheel used which is available every where and very easy to change.
  •  OPTIMA Optimiser Programme is available with the machine in various options of languages and features. 
  • You can choose an option of having your own Auto CAD drawings of any shapes to cut from the machine through CAD Way (Optional) or use from library from EDIT Way (Optional) 
  • Safety limit switches are positioned on each squaring block and on the glass sheet supports to prevent the movement of the bridge and the carriage if nothing is re-entered.
  • Safety Sensors on all 4 sides of cutting table to avoid any accidents if any worker just enters the area when machine is working then machine stops automatically. 
  • Electrical system compliant with general safety rules. 
  • You can have a separate Breaker Bar table to increase the production capacity. 
  • Overall Dimensions (mm): 4500(L) x 3560(W) x 950(H) or 4200(L) x 3400(W) x 950(H)
  • Table Surface (mm): 4500 x 2860 or 4200 x 2750
  • Cutting Length (mm): 3650 x 2750 or 3210 x 2500
  • Glass Thickness (mm): 3-19mm
  • Cutting Precision: +/- 0.25 to +/- 0.3 
  • Cutting Speed: 130m/min 
  • Power: 15 KW 
  • Breaker Bars: one X and one Y 
  • Weight: 1500 - 2200KG (depending on model) 
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