Published in Glass Insulating Machines

* Rigid steel body with powder coating

* Special body design for 200 and 20 ltr barrels

*Protection from rusting by using aluminum pneumatic cylinders

* Adjustable mixing ratio between 1/5 and 1/15 by dosage pump

* Hydraulic driven A component and dosage pump

* Thermostat controlled heater for A component plate

*Special design of A component plate for low loss of material

* Air driven B component catalyst pump

* Dehumidifier unit for B component in polyurethane extruder

* Material filter for B component

* Auto-stop system against unexpected pressure changes

*High pressure resistant holes

* Warning for over pressure

* Special sealing system in dosage pump for less maintenance

*Relay controlled electronic system

* By-pass system for preventing the freeze of material in stand-by mode

* Polyurethane, Silicon ,Thiokol (poly-sulfide) materials can be used in same machine

* Change of work material from Silicon or Thiokol to polyurethane in three hours


*Mixing ratio range: 1/5 to 1/15
*Voltage: 400 V 3 NPE AC
*Frequency: 50 Hz
*Total power: 3.6 kW
*Air pressure: 6 Bar
*Air consumption: 250 l/min
*Length: 1500 mm
*Width: 920 mm
*Height: 2550 mm
*Weight: 450 kg
*Noise emission level: 75 dB (A)
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